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Honeoye Storage Corp 4511 Egypt Road, Canandaigua, NY 14424 Phone: (585) 229 - 5161  |  Fax: (585) 229 - 2015
Honeoye Storage Corporation (Honeoye), located at 4511 Egypt Road, Canandaigua, NY, 14424, operates natural gas storage facility and pipeline systems in your area. Honeoye maintains and operates a Damage Prevention Program for its operations of the facility and these pipeline systems. A copy of this plan is available in our office. This program includes educating and notifying the residents about specific operations, requirements and the existence of the program. These requirements include: 1. Contact Honeoye if you notice anyone working within 220’ of the gas pipeline. 2. Be aware of gas leaks and report them immediately. You can recognize gas leaks such as the hissing sound of escaping gas, dead vegetation, blowing earth, bubbling water, and the smell of gas. Emergencies include gas leaks, fire, explosions, natural disasters or civil disobedience. If you suspect that the pipeline is leaking, stay away from the area, have others stay away from the area too and notify Honeoye immediately. 3. Do not attempt to locate the gas leak with matches or other open flames.     Do not remain in the building if there is strong odor.     Do not turn lights on or off, or unplug electrical appliances where there is a strong   odor.     Do not use a telephone in the area of a strong gas odor. Extinguish open flames.     Do not start automobiles. To help us enforce our Damage Prevention Program and ensure the safe operations of our pipeline system, please call these numbers to report excavation projects or suspected gas leaks: Dig Safely|New York: 811 Honeoye Storage Corporation Office: (585) 229 – 5161 Fax: (585) 229 – 2015 If you need to contact us outside of normal operating hours please call (585) 229 – 5161*, your message will be forwarded through our answering service, Finger Lakes Answering Service * Identify your call as a Honeoye Storage Corporation Emergency Police: 911 Fire Department: 911
Damage Prevention Program
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